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One of his most well-known artworks is “Cloud Gate” , a reflective stainless steel sculpture commissioned by the town of Chicago. Marina Abramović, considered “the grandmother of performance art” is an influential conceptual and performance artist. She is a pioneer of physique art, endurance art and feminist art. In her works, she explores the notion of identification, the boundaries of the physique, the potential for the mind.

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KnownOrigin, like its sister company SuperRare, promises a more curated, gallery-like expertise for NFT lovers. The site has a reputation for displaying only genuine and unique artworks. It saves all of its NFT paintings on IPFS, which supplies some degree of safety for the underlying supplies.


With expertly curated sales that includes works by famend artists, artnet Auctions presents the fashionable approach to collect up to date art. I suppose AI will be in a position to create graphic displays of extraordinary magnificence and curiosity, but that leads us to the query of what’s art. It is one thing that happens when you have a look at Picasso’s “Guernica” and makes you consider the cruelty of people Art News to humans, or if you look at a Monet piece, and you are feeling the unity with nature. In terms of art created by AI, I don’t assume we can call it art. I can see that it composes a bit of music, but I don’t think it may create Beethoven’s final sonatas by itself. AI can imitate something that’s already been created and regurgitate it in another format, however that is not an unique work.

He mentioned the project was working with “technology business leaders to create mechanisms by which artists can addContent their portfolios and request for their types not to be used in online providers utilizing this and similar technology”. So what’s his message to young artists apprehensive about their future profession, maybe in illustration or design? “My message to them could be, ‘illustration design jobs are very tedious’. It’s not about being inventive, you are a device”.