How Streetwear Is Dominating The Fashion Industry

Streetwear is one of the biggest fashion trends in recent years and doesn’t seem to be stopping. Since it first started back in the 1980s, it has become increasingly popular. Now, it is one of the biggest fashion trends and seems to dominate catwalks.

This unique fashion brand was originally intended for surfers and skaters, especially when Shawn Stussy started his brand. Now, musicians and models are wearing this unique style for casual wear, making them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Where Did Streetwear Begin?

As mentioned previously, streetwear started during the 1980s with a man called Shawn Stussy, the founder of the streetwear brand Stussy. Shawn is no longer involved with the brand although it is still a very common label amongst streetwear lovers.

Shawn started his fashion brand by scribbling his name onto surfboards. Due to the increase in popularity, Stussy began printing his name on shorts, t-shirts and other clothes. Ever since that, many streetwear brands have taken inspiration from the Shawn Stussy brand.

Streetwear didn’t take off until Supreme was introduced to the world. This was different to Stussy and far more expensive compared to other streetwear brands. The quality of Supreme is one of the best out there, with many high-street fashion brands collaborating with them to design limited edition clothing.

There are many styles of streetwear as well. Some brands go for a more athleisure look like tracksuits such as Nike, Adidas and Puma and clothes go for a more loungewear style like Fear of God and Supreme.

Influences Of Streetwear

Off-White, Bathing Ape and Supreme are the major brands in the streetwear world at the moment. Both Off-White and Bathing Ape have collaborated with premium fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Celebrities are loving this style with some of them starting their fashion brand. The reason for this is that streetwear brands have collaborated with premium brands to create luxurious clothes.

Like all fashion trends, people are influenced by what people wear on social media. Bela Hadid and Kendal Jenner are constantly seen wearing this fantastic trend which is why many people follow them. Due to the celebrity influence on the fashion community, many brands are collaborating with celebrities like Travis Scott to design limited edition clothes.

The Future Of Streetwear

There is no doubt that streetwear is one of the most common fashion trends in the 21st century. Furthermore, it is a style that more and more brands are getting involved with. Streetwear is something that became more popular during the lockdown period and has changed quite a lot since then. People will wear plain full tracksuits with a pair of premium trainers such as Air Force Jordans and other streetwear trainers.

Clever marketing tricks and premium clothing is what are keeping this fashion trend alive. Furthermore, many celebrities are wearing premium streetwear brands which is what is keeping this interest alive. Streetwear for men and women is not going anywhere for several years. Streetwear is something that is loved by many so expect it to continue to feature on catwalks.