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Effortless Style on a Budget: The Power of Tracksuits & Hoodies

Styling on a budget is just a must in most cases. The way that trends move in a heartbeat, it would cost a fortune to buy the first one you see of everything. Especially with the cost of living at the moment, everything just seems to be that little bit extra, including your attire and streetwear fits.

So you might be wondering how to style my pieces without them looking like you bought them on a budget but also where to find these pieces at such an affordable price.

How To Style Effortless Pieces


Hoodies are a huge staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and the best part is that when you’ve found one that flatters your figure, whether it’s oversized, cropped or just a standard fit hoodie, this makes it so much easier to style.

You will find a hoodie that suits you wherever you go. Whether it’s through a men’s hoodie sale online or a charity shop you’ve stumbled across. The humble hoodie is the perfect affordable option and can be styled in multiple ways, whether it’s with jeans, skirts, joggers or cargo pants. They are extremely versatile so just make sure the colour combination works and enjoy a comfortable fit this summer.


Possibly the easiest fit to style, they basically come ready to go off the hanger so minimal effort is needed to style these pieces. You can elevate tracksuits by adding some shades, a jacket and some fresh trainers. But if you want to find not only quality but also an affordable tracksuit, be sure to keep your eyes on brands for men’s full tracksuit sales or on platforms such as Vinted or Depop for a second-hand tracksuit that you give a second life. You can also haggle the price on this platform, making sure you are securing a handy price.

Where Can I Save On Cost?

Saving some pennies is the ultimate goal for these two easy styling pieces but if you want to save some pennies, here are some tips that have proven to work.

Kilo Sales

These pop-ups happen regularly and it’s great value for money. You rummage through vintage and second-hand pieces. You can get extremely lucky with one-of-a-kind pieces, but the selection of jumpers, tops, hoodies and, of course, tracksuits comes in abundance. You will be able to snatch some pieces at a remarkable price.

Car Boots

Every Sunday, car boots are open to the public and finding some pieces should come easy here. Not to mention, they are renowned for their extremely cheap prices and if you are a confident haggler, you will likely leave without having spent much.

Online Platforms

Websites such as Vinted, eBay and Depop are notorious for selling and buying preloved second-hand pieces and the vast selection of hoodies and tracksuits, with more and more being added to the list on a daily basis so if you don’t find the perfect fit right away, be sure to keep checking in before someone else beats you to it.