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4 Fashion Trends From 2022 That Are Here To Stay

There were many fashion trends that appeared in 2022, and some have since disappeared, but there are some key trends that have stood the test of time and continue to be popular moving into 2023! We’re here to cover them so you know what is worth investing in for your staple wardrobe.

Corset Tops

First up we have corset tops, which have become an absolute staple in so many wardrobes! The reason they’re so loved is because there are so many different styles, they are super flattering and they literally go with anything. If you choose a simple black or white corset top, then you can style it with so many things that you already have in your wardrobe, from jeans to skirts and trousers. You can also layer it up with other things, like cardigans and blazers to create so many different combinations.

If you want something to be the centre of any outfit, go for something bolder in colour or fabric then you can build any outfit around it. Put on a simple pair of jeans with a bold corset top and heels to look effortlessly stylish. Your options are endless when it comes to corset tops, so add one to your wardrobe and get ready to fall in love.

Neon Colours

Bright and bold neon colours were big in 2022 and they’re coming through into 2023 as well! Usually neon colours are reserved for summer and festival outfits, but so many people are styling neon in Spring and Winter! An all black outfit with a bright neon jumper or blazer works wonders, or bright neon dresses with heeled boots and a long coat are also super on trend. If you’re waiting for summer to bring out your neon clothes, get creative and see how you can style them in the cooler months too!

Oversized Suit

Over the last few years, there has been a real transition from super tailored fitted suits to more oversized fits. Baggier trousers and oversized blazers are all on trend, whether worn as a full suit or styled separately. An oversized blazer with jeans and a crop top looks so great, or style the trousers with a simple t-shirt and cross body bag in the summer. You can create so many effortless outfits with an oversized suit in your wardrobe that are great for all year round.

Striped Patterns

Another trend from 2022 that is here to stay is striped patterns! Striped t-shirts, accessories, trousers and everything in between were a big trend last year, so stock up for your own wardrobe. Style with simple things like jeans or a skirt and let the pattern do the talking! Keep it simple with black and white, or go bold with striking colourways that will be the statement in any outfit. Simple yet oh so effective, striped pieces of clothes can be used all throughout the year, making them so key in your staple wardrobe!