More broadly speaking, black Friday refers to the Friday following United States’ Thanksgiving Day, customarily scheduled for the fourth Thursday of November. The day that follows that Thanksgiving has long been known to mark the beginning of the United States’ Christmas shopping period for a long time. Several stores with favorable online reviews offer highly discounted sales on Black Friday, opening early, some even commencing sales on Thanksgiving Day. Customers from all walks of life mostly go shopping on this specific day to benefit from the significant price cuts on various products from women’s clothes to National Basketball Association merchandise, among other sportswear which is offered by Fanatics Astros.

Black Friday remains one of the busiest shopping days of all time. Occasionally, it is marred by stock shortages and shopping hysteria that create a condition of positive feedback. If we take a deep look at Black Friday history, the name traces its origins in Philadelphia police’s reference to the large volume of shoppers who created heavy and disruptive traffic, which sometimes turned violent. This day is not considered an official public holiday, but employees in most states are allowed Thanksgiving Day offs that run-up to the following day, hence the large turnout.

However, Black Friday in business record terms symbolized profits that were marked in black ink while the losses were in red ink. Generally, retailers operate in the red all year and hinge heavily on the holiday season sales to finish the year in the black with a profit. With the vigor that comes with Black Friday, customers get exposure to a retail environment that can induce frustration and aggression. Traditionally, it is famous for long queues with shoppers waiting outdoors in chilly weather waiting for retail stores to open. Furthermore, the chaos and confusion that ensue when the stores are open, the heavy crowing, and a limited amount of products available at the discounted price are stressful.

The Black Friday today is unlike the turbulent city-center pilgrimages of the middle of the 20th century. With the currently omnichannel retail environment, customers have little incentive to drive to the nearest mall instead of pursuing deals on their phones or laptops. A sports lover looking to acquire sportswear, say National Basketball Association merchandise is more likely to pursue deals over the Internet. They have the choice to browse which stores deliver the best service while providing reliable products. This online confirmation is done to reviews where previous customers leave their comments on the nature of their shopping experience at a particular store.

The kind of mouthwatering deals that stores offer on Black Fridays have resulted in all sorts of impulse control disorders. While most people buy stuff because they are driven by the usefulness and the value attached to it, some shoppers become impulse buyers. The latter is a behavioral addiction heralded by inhibiting self-control and reduced resistance to external triggers. One can only imagine the profound social, financial, and psychological consequences surrounding the victims and their families. While Black Fridays are those days when you buy a pricey item for half its worth, it also comes with unintended outcomes.

While the essence of Black Friday remains to avail products to consumers at one time highly discounted prices, it has been associated with materialism. According to the conversation, the stereotype goes that highly materialistic people are essentially selfish, prioritizing cash, status, and possessions instead of embracing human values. How they utilize Black Fridays to accumulate even more goodies for themselves has been highlighted and decried. Yet materialism is part and parcel of human nature, and some people develop such tendencies as an adaptive reaction to deal with threatening and fearsome situations. Therefore, the stereotypical association of materialism with selfishness is not grounded on facts but baseless assumptions.

Extensive competition, especially in the online environment, makes the Black Friday experience even better for consumers. Amazon, one of the leading online retailers in the United States, is offering one of the earliest NBA Black Friday deals in history. This moment, therefore, presents the perfect time to make orders and benefits from a perfect deal. Besides, the competition wars imply much better discounts as all retailers, both the physical holdings and the online stores, conduct price wars to win over shoppers. This period may indeed be the best time to buy sportswear, including the typically pricy National Basketball Association merchandise which are now going for coupons and promo codes, to say the least. What are you waiting for? The deals are time-critical!