Online shopping has been growing at a very high rate since the adoption of the smartphone. Potential customers constantly need validation that the products they want to buy are genuine and the only way to certify this is through reviews. Recently, there have been a lot of websites popping up to aggregate customer reviews across different online shops in a single platform to enable potential customers to read reviews and decide whether the products offered are genuine. Here’s why you need to read reviews about rotita or other popular fashion brand reviews before buying clothes:

Social Proof

You need to read reviews so that you can assess from other people’s experiences whether the product being sold is indeed good or bad. If it has a defect, you will know what part of the product has defects or performs poorly. 90{d60e29c42af2e50ce48de2255e7fefbf6b2f8e946bf00c101534e48c5aa71bb4} of people read reviews before buying online while 88{d60e29c42af2e50ce48de2255e7fefbf6b2f8e946bf00c101534e48c5aa71bb4} trust the reviews.

Credibility and Reliability

You need to check reviews of the clothes you want to purchase to ensure they are of good quality and will last long. Also, if the retailer is less known, reviews give you a picture of the kind of people you are going to be doing business with. If they are genuine then they will have good reviews despite them not being known, while scammers will always get many negative reviews.

Genuine Product

Reviews allow you to gauge; how many customers came back crying foul? If many, then the product is fake and does not perform according to expectations. However, if no one is complaining in the reviews then it means the product is genuine.

Reviewing Questions Others Asked

Sometimes reviews can equip you with the new knowledge you didn’t know you needed. You might be reading reviews and come across questions on usage or warranty on the product, which is information that is hard to get elsewhere. Mostly, the retailers answer those questions in the review section, which is why it is very important to check reviews. For example, there might be a new model of a machine that works differently from the old model. Reviewers get to ask questions like this and end up benefiting a lot of people.

Value Proposition

Sometimes you should read popular fashion brand reviews to get stories of how a product impacted a customer’s life positively. This shows that the product offers great value for your money and is not just another consumeristic product being pushed for profit but offering no value.


Sometimes reviewers will guide their fellow potential purchasers on the best type of product to purchase. This is so that customers get the best value for their money. For an apparel customer, guidance might be advice on the best material type to purchase.

Best and Worst Experience

Reviews are also important since they show you the best and worst of a product so you know what to expect even before you purchase. In the case of clothes, a reviewer may talk of the beauty of a garment but still lament on its shrinkage after washing. This helps you steer clear of surprises.