With the winters approaching, it’s going to be a real challenge keeping warm. We’d be stocking up on winter clothes, coats, boots, blankets, and maybe even thicker curtains to keep out the cold. You could get your carpets from furniture stores like Totally furniture. Have you considered getting carpets? Yes, carpets, some carpet varieties help warm-up your homes in the winter. There are six types of fabrics, from which carpets are made, these fabrics determine the density of the carpet and its ability to produce warmth. You can visit US-reviews to read customer reviews of online stores before buying any carpet online.

Types of carpet fabric

The types of carpet fabric include;


Nylon is a carpet fabric that is famous for its stain resistance and how strong it is, as well as its ability to retain its shape for a very long time, maybe a few years. It is so easy to clean, however. It doesn’t absorb water and can produce static electricity when abrasiveness is applied.


This is a synthetic carpet fabric and it’s quite expensive compared to other types due to how strong and durable the carpet is.


Olefin carpet fibers are originally used for outdoor carpeting but are often used indoors as well because of the wool-like texture as well as its stain-resistant ability. However, too much heat can easily damage the carpet.


Wool is strong, durable, and also stain resistant. This carpet fiber is also warm and can be made into intricate woven patterns.


These carpet fibers are strong and stain-resistant and moisture resistant. They are so very easy to clean, however, if not properly maintained, they tend to clump up.  


Acrylic carpet fabrics are strong and static-resistant, made with a wool-like material. They last longer and tend not to fade as much as other carpet fabrics.

Types of carpet to keep you warm this winter

Here are some carpet types that are suitable for winter and will help to keep your home warm and cozy.

Handmade Dhurries

Handmade Dhurries could be woven from cotton, wool, and jute. They are a cheaper variety, made using hand woven technique which makes them look the same on both sides. Because of the materials, they are made from, they tend to make a home or room warmer and cozier.

Traditional carpet

As the name implies, showcases traditional patterns and designs that are made using hand-knotted techniques. These are colorful with small designs and motifs. It is made from materials like wool, silk. They are also great carpets in winter and they generate warmth.

Modern Carpets  

These give your home a more modern look, made using knotted and tufted hand-weaving techniques. These have minimal color combinations and the designs are kept simple but with bold motifs. These carpets also help warm up your home in the winter

Tribal carpets

These are made using the single weft technique and is fairly lighter than hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets. There are two kinds of tribal carpets and they are afghan and Kilim carpets. These carpets are made from the finest wool and can make your home warmer and cozier.


If you’re looking to get new carpets for the winter, you might want to consider these tips before deciding which one best suits your needs.