Use these two garments and you will get a fresh and trendy look. The white shirt with a suit is one of the best mixes.

When we say white shirt with suit, it is very likely to wear our Juie wrld Hip Hop T-shirt that your mind thinks that these two garments do not go, that they simply do not combine because the first is merely casual and the second formal. But big mistake, because a basic white t-shirt is the simplest and most stylish option when you no longer know what to wear with your suit. And is that patterned shirts can be a little too much and show that you are trying too hard to get a cool look. And the turtlenecks

The white t-shirt can always be worn, regardless of the season of the year or what your personal style is. For a situation from casual to something a little more formal, you can mix and match this men’s wardrobe staple with everything, including your suit. Because the white t shirt is not only viable and acceptable with a pair of jeans.

How to use this Key Set

Get and find the perfect fit of the shirt and you will realize that it can also be the perfect companion for a suit. Now, you should know that there are a couple of style rules that you must follow if you want to try this fashionable combo. The first: you should not wear a shirt with a suit when the dress code is formal. It is quite obvious, because for this type of occasions and events, the most optimal is the classic white shirt. Choose this duo when the context is informal, casual, relaxed, summer or beachy. If you do it right, you will have one of the easiest and most elegant looks to wear during a work week or a weekend. If you’re going out after a day at the office, swap your collared shirt for something more casual. Unbutton your blazer and wear sunglasses for a winning look.

Fashion TIP:

A great idea is to pair it with a gray suit. opt for this type of outfit for a dinner with friends or a date. You will give a cool and trendy image.

Rule number two is to put it in, that is, loosen it. When wearing a full-fledged suit (excluding chinos and formal blazer and pant combos), you should tuck the shirt inside for a neat, clean look. Remember that the goal is to look smart and casual, not scruffy.

Another rule to keep in mind and master the look of a white shirt with a suit is to learn to play with contrasts and keep in mind Legends Never Die T-Shirt a good option. Unless you are heading to an all-white party, you should never pair a white t-shirt with a white suit. Be sure to pair the white shirt with outfits that contrast with white, such as navy blue, electric blue, gray, charcoal, black, dark green, and pastel shades (especially in the summer season).

Last tip: if you finally dared to try a shirt with a suit, we advise you to choose one that has a “V” neck. When you try this look, your goal is to look casual, right? Don’t make the common mistakes of wanting to dress casual. A crew neck T-shirt can appear a bit “buttoned up.” Give your neck a break and rest in a “V” shape to loosen it up a bit more and give it a bolder feel. A perfect decision for an event on the beach or when temperatures exceed 27ÂșC.

And finally, the sleeves: to fold or not to fold? Both options are valid here. It is a matter of style and personality. Do you like to show off your biceps? Fold them. Do you prefer something baggier and more relaxed? Don’t double them. As simple as that.