who doesn’t want maximum results in a minimum duration of time? Fast thin diet is actually less recommended because in addition to less healthy, thin fast diet is also difficult to do consistently.

Over time, you may have difficulty maintaining the recommended changes in eating during the diet. The ideal weight loss is 0.5-1 kg per week.

So even though we want to be thin fast, actually we need to be patient and persevering on a diet to reach the ideal weight desired, but still healthy.

For those of you who want to try a fast thin diet, the following lifestyle changes that must be lived:

1. Start the day with Lemon Water

Lemon Water contains potassium which is useful for increasing muscle mass. Thus, saturated fat in the body will be more flammable.

2. Take Time To Exercise

Stop making excuses! Want a sexier body and more fit endurance? Now, there are many video tutorials on YouTube that teach easy sports.

3. Reduce Carbohydrate

It is no longer a secret that the main source of saturated fat is carbohydrates. So, reducing carbohydrate intake will provide a significant change in body weight! Replace carbohydrate intake with highly nutritious vegetables so your energy doesn’t run out quickly. If you still feel hungry, you can replace snacks by consuming fruit juice.

4. Consumption of leptoconnect in the Night

leptoconnect can help you regulate your appetite in the middle of the night. It is suitable for those of you who can not escape eating at night

5. Drinking water

Drinking water is actually very essential for body health and skin beauty. Women need about 2.2 liters of water per day to maintain body hydration.

6. Avoid sweet drinks

Sweet drinks contain lots of sugar with high enough calories, so they tend to increase body weight.

In running a thin fast diet, it is advisable to avoid drinking sweet drinks, such as soda, beer, smoothies, sweet iced tea, coffee, and other sweet drinks

7. Avoid processed foods

Avoid consumption of processed foods such as dried fruit, frozen foods, breakfast cereals, fast food, bread, cakes, biscuits, canned vegetables, and processed meat.

8. Get enough sleep

Poor sleep quality apparently contributes to weight gain.

So it is important to ensure enough sleep every day.

Although there are various ways to fast thin diet that can lose weight in a shorter time, but it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet that loses weight gradually.

Such diets are also more durable in the long run.