Back in 1990, women’s innerwear especially the thongs were riding high. Several celebs and naughty girls endorsed the thongs in their TV shows, movies and even everyday life. The thongs are still popular with modern designs. enables the Saudi women to explore the best lingerie and fashion thongs with 6Th Street Code. This is a big step towards women empowering especially about the selection of their underwear. Here is who girls like to wear a thong in the recent days.

Visible Thong:

This trend appeared in 2001 when some naughty celebrities especially the Paris Hilton appeared with their underwear visible. No doubt, celebrities are prone to show their beauty assets in public but doing something crazy always gets them. Visible thong is a trend in which the girls wear some low-rise pants or skirts. The purpose of wearing low-rise skirts or pants is to keep the thong visible on the waist especially above the hips. Does it sound sexy? Most readers will feel the heat while imaging the position of thong and pants on the backside of girls. Here are some girls who made the visible thong trend popular.

Paris Hilton:

Pairs Hilton is among the top naughty girls living in the Hollywood. Her profiles and career records are full of scandals. She was a superstar back in 2001 when she deliberately showed her panties in several events. Finally, she showed visible thong in the New York City, at the Lloyd Klein’s Fall/Winter Collections.

Alexa Demie:

Several European girls follow Alexa Demie especially when it is about wearing seductive dresses. In 2019, she became a popular celebrity after her viral photo shot in a snake print backless dress. The main point was the visible thong. Her black thong with beaded strings became popular. Girls who want to order this thong must utilize 6Th Street Code for discounts on orders.

Versace Spring and Autumn 2021:

Thanks to the fashion designers such as Versace for endorsing the popular outfit trends. In the latest fashion walks and weeks, Versace used the visible thongs frequently. Most of the models walking on ramp were showing their thongs from front or back. This fashion program gave more attention to the visible thong trend in 2021. It seems that this trend will never fade away from the screens.

Visible Thong Pants:

Remember, the visible thong trend is popular but controversial too. Many fashion designers and moms are against this trend. Actually, it is a trend that may provoke the viewers. There are several concerns about the visible thong trend if teen girls try it. As a matter of fact, has observed that teen girls are asking for 6Th Street Code on the lingerie and thong collections. It shows that teen girls are more interested to wear visible thongs especially in the parties. We suggest the users to bring the “Visible Thong Pants” in order to maintain an appropriate look rather than wearing some low-rise pants or skirts revealing the buttocks. This would be a more sophisticated approach with visible thong trend.