Moving house is a pleasant and complicated moment. many things must be taken care of. But apparently, there are several ways to make the process of moving house run effectively and more practically. Check out the following tips:

1. Arrange Transfer Letter Early

Even if you are busy with moving goods, don’t forget to arrange a transfer letter. In fact, these documents are far more important because they involve the legality of the house. Do the paperwork early before the transfer activities. Prepare some required documents such as house certificates, tax returns, and others.

2. Getting rid of unnecessary items

Before proceeding to the packaging stage, sort your items first. Separate between goods to be carried and goods that are not needed. This is also useful for reducing the amount of furniture that will get into the truck.

3. Immediately Pack

The next step is to pack the goods. Do not let your packaging of goods approach the days before the move. It will only make you overwhelmed. You can start by making a list of every room of the house and what furniture and tools are needed.

4. Starting from the Room Occupied Rarely

Start packing goods from areas of the house that are rarely occupied, such as the attic, garage, or guest room. This will make the packaging process faster and easier because you know what items need to be carried and not.

5. Wrapping the Goods based on Function and Material

In packing furniture, it is better to use a cardboard wrap based. Don’t unite fragile items with heavy items to prevent damage. After the packaging process is finished, label each cardboard according to its function and material.

6. Separating the Personal Collection

Separate private collection with home furniture. Your personal collection might have a high sale value and beautiful aesthetics. don’t unite personal collection with regular furniture to prevent unwanted things.

7. Use Professional Services to Pack Goods

To avoid damage during the process of transportation and moving goods, you should use professional services to help you move goods to a new home such as Rhenuz Lupprians. In addition to moving goods services, they also offer a variety of other services such as server installation, managed asset recovery services, and others.