In addition to cleaning yourself, you can also do other activities in the bathroom, such as reading books or listening to music while bathing. You can also use this as relaxation after a busy schedule. You can decorate the bathroom so that the atmosphere does not feel bored. If your bathroom is cramped, here are some tips for making your bathroom look beautiful and comfortable:

1. Built-in Furniture

The first tip to make your small bathroom comfortable is the built-in features. In addition to saving time, built-in-furniture prevents you from complicated installation. Built-in furniture will harmonize your bathroom decor by maximizing the capacity of the room with adjusting colors and decoration.

2. Use the Same Ceramic Floor Pattern

If you use tile floors with different shades and colors, your bathroom will look more narrow and insulated. Therefore, use ceramic tiles that have the same pattern to give a wider look. If you want to buy bathroom tiles, you can buy them at Amber Tiles. They offer good quality and affordable bathroom tiles sale.

3. Use Sliding Doors

Using a sliding door can be an option so that the bathroom does not feel more cramped. The sliding door will not take up much space when you move it, unlike a normal door that will cover part of the bathroom if the door is open.

4. Choose Neutral Paint Color

Choose paint with a neutral color to coat your walls. Please avoid using the patterned paint on the wall because it can make the bathroom seem more narrow.

5. Glass and Mirror Elements

give glass and mirror elements in the bathroom can make the room look more spacious. Glass will create the illusion that makes the room looks larger.

6. Create Slits in the Bathroom Wall for Soap and Shampoo

this soap and shampoo place will make the bathroom more neat and elegant.

7. Use Blunt Side Sink

Apart from security, it turns out the sink with a blunt side will make the bathroom more comfortable. Choose an oval or semicircular sink; using a box-shaped sink will make a smaller room seem more narrow.

Those are some tips you can do to make the narrow bathroom more comfortable and spacious.