How to deal with seepage and damp walls comes in several ways. Don’t you know that there are some ways to handle it yourself? Damp wall is a good place for mold to grow and develop.

Also, damp walls make the house uncomfortable, excrete unpleasant odors, and can be harmful to health.

Many factors cause the walls in the house to be damp. Before discussing how to overcome it, let’s first find out what the causes are.

Surrounded by a Wet Area

One of the causes of seepage walls is a high level of humidity around the walls of the house. This humidity occurs because there is a space surrounded by wet or watery areas, such as bathrooms. If left unchecked, the wall may experience cracking. To anticipate this, you can use bathroom wall tiles that can withstand water.

Gutter Leaks

Gutters leaking can also make the walls seep. As a result, high rainfall in a long duration can make water enter through the cracks in the walls of the house.

How to Overcome a Seepage Wall by Painting a Cracked Wall

If the wall in the house seeps and is cracked, then the way to overcome it is by painting it. Before doing the painting, make sure you peel off the rest of the paint that is stuck and clean it from the surface. Then add the waterproofing components to the wall. Waterproofing acts as a water barrier. After that, you can do the painting.

Pay attention to Air Circulation at Home

One of the ways to overcome and anticipate it is to ensure that the house has adequate ventilation. Good air circulation at home will make the durable walls can withstand wind and sunlight.

How to Overcome a Seepage Wall by Fixing a Gutter

As discussed earlier, seepage walls can result from gutters leaking. If the gutters leak, rainwater might enter the house through the wall.

Properly installing a house gutter can overcome the problem of seepage walls due to a leaky drain. Make sure the process of finishing the wall on the outside is really dry

These are some of the causes and ways to overcome the wall seepage and damp. Good luck!