Third-party selling on Amazon is a lucrative opportunity that continues to draw interest among sellers who want to become their own bosses and be able to work remotely. In addition, 76% of small to medium-sized Amazon businesses are profitable, making it more attractive for online entrepreneurs. By allowing people to sell products on its platform, Amazon offers an enormous reach. With Amazon’s Seller Central Dashboard, you do not need your own website to open an online business. However, you still have to work hard to make your products sell. Here are things to keep in mind to make good money selling on Amazon.

Market proactively

One of the biggest challenges in selling on huge, crowded platforms is competition since thousands of other sellers like you offer the same type of products. Just like other online businesses, marketing is an important process. There are many different ways to market your Amazon listings. One is through external promotion such as social media, search engine optimization, and getting backlinks. Internally, you can also promote your products by winning the Buy Box or ranking high on Amazon search results. In addition, take advantage of various ad types such as sponsored products, sponsored brands, and Amazon coupons.  

Find a profitable niche

Finding the niche for your targeted sales makes your product fit for a specific audience so that you can cut off a significant portion of the competition. Profitable niches enjoy less competition, more focused business efforts, established brand awareness, and expert sales. To find a profitable niche, do keyword research, avoid seasonal items, and consider consistently in-demand products.

Know your competition

See how your competitors are pricing their products. Use automated repricers such as StreetPricer’s repricer for efficient, reliable repricing. It always pays to know what others in your niche are doing, such as their type of marketing, how they present and describe their listings, and how they offer new products. Read reviews to find out what people love or hate. Keep in mind that you’ll need to keep up with the market to stay profitable if your Amazon store is already doing well.

Maximize your profits

Even if you start small on your Amazon business, you’ll want to make more money by expanding to a whole item range. Keep studying the market to see what’s selling. Then, apply what you have learned to create accompanying products. Next, take advantage of the busy seasons by ensuring you are well-stocked. Finally, consider joining Amazon’s Associate’s program so you can earn more. This program lets you earn a referral commission apart from product sales through affiliate links to your products.


Amazon sets the stage for new online entrepreneurs to sell successfully into this market with less hassle. The platform’s influence continues to expand, but sellers need to be proactive and remain updated with Amazon’s ever-changing trends. You need to take a few steps ahead of your competitors to ensure your products sell. Doing best practices remains crucial to learning which techniques work best for your business.