Obesity can indeed kill a person as the risk of developing deadly diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer increases.

However, following a strict diet to avoid being overweight may be even more deadly.

People cut calories and nutrients to stay at a healthy weight. But the way they go for a slim waist may have an even bigger negative effect than being overweight, Fatherly reveals. For those of you who want to find dietary supplements, you can try proven reviews

A study in the journal Nature explains that when people try to gain or lose a few pounds or kilograms, many changes occur in the body, which have an effect on blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and the microbiome.

When a person changes weights, the microbes in the gut take time to adjust.

Weight gain allows the microbes that support weight gain to grow. But when people start losing weight by drastically limiting certain foods, gut microbes slowly respond to the changes.

Another deadly impact, the formation of harmful fats. An unhealthy diet helps increase visceral fat, or belly fat, which contributes to heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.

People can achieve a healthy weight even without a strict diet that forces them to significantly reduce calorie intake. For those of you

To avoid gaining weight, be active and find a balanced diet by practicing portion control and choosing the right foods that your body needs.

So, what about boiled food?

For the sake of a healthy diet and weight loss, not a few people choose boiled foods. However, can these foods help you lose weight?

boiled food is good for health, but does not directly make you lose weight. Compared to fried foods or foods that contain high carbohydrates, boiled foods can lose weight. But boiled food does not directly lose weight, only to maintain general health. By eating foods that are boiled, you will not eat too many greasy foods that are fried in excess.